[oXygen-user] Duplicate entity declarations are warnings, not errors.

Chris Lilley
Wed Sep 28 13:45:40 CDT 2005

Hello oXygen-user,

I am concerned about an aspect of DTD validation in oXygen. Duplicate
entity declarations are flagged as errors, and validation halts.

from the XML spec,    4.2 Entity Declarations

>> If the same entity is declared more than once, the first declaration
>> encountered is binding; at user option, an XML processor MAY issue a
>> warning if entities are declared multiple times.

Unless I missed a configuration option, the message is not at user
option but is always on. Further, its given as an error rather than a

The obvious workaround to delete the dupes :-) may not apply if the DTD
is read-only and on someone else's website. Besides, they might decline
to fix it on the grounds that per the XML spec, its harmless and should
not generate an error.

Please at minimum make this a warning, not an error; ideally, make
reporting of the warning configurable.

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