[oXygen-user] Error: Too many nested apply-templates calls

Tue Sep 6 08:35:46 CDT 2005

> What do you mean by xml:base mangling ?

Document root and attributes:

<sect3 id="foo" xmlns:xi="&w3XInclude;" xml:base="">

Note the xml:base=""

The following is the html source fragment from a 2 level xinclude (this 
document xinclude'd from an xinclude'd document ):


Each subsequent  xinclude nesting prefixes a source path 
( file:/home/foo/docbook/foo/bar/ ) to the image source path

So a 4 level xinclude nesting would produce:


However, disabling or unchecking Preferences | XML | XML Parser Options | Base 
URI Fixup results in the following:


This image source path is now correct

Note this issue and resolution occurs in any XSLT ( html, pdf, rtf ); the 
user-selectable Base URI Fixup is new to v6.1; previous versions would appear 
to default (internally) to no Base URI Fixup.

> Did the message "Too many nested  apply-templates calls" disappear and the 
transformation started working> just by modifying the oxygen.sh startup 


> What was insufficient: heap size or stack size ?

Don't know. However, would suggest that oXygen QA always utilize a heavily 
nested (at least 5 levels of xinclude's with most docbook elements on each 
nested xinclude document  ) xinclude test case(s) for every release build. 
This is most important as many of us now utilize nested xincludes 


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