[oXygen-user] Error: Too many nested apply-templates calls

Sorin Ristache
Tue Sep 6 03:07:32 CDT 2005

Hello Raymond,

A problem cannot be addressed in a FAQ list or the User Manual before it 
can be reproduced. What do you mean by xml:base mangling ? Can you 
provide a complete example ? Did the message "Too many nested 
apply-templates calls" disappear and the transformation started working 
just by modifying the oxygen.sh startup params or you changed also other 
things in the customization layer ? What was insufficient: heap size or 
stack size ? Maybe these answers would be helpful for other users.

Thank you,

Raymond wrote:
>>The error cannot be reproduced without the foo.ent file. Please give a
>>complete example for reproducing your problem.
> Modified the oxygen.sh file with with following java runtime parms:
> -Xms256m -Xmx512m -Xss4m
> This has corrected the problem; unsure if the issue was an insufficient heap 
> or stack size.
> Problem appears to be limited to extensive nested xincludes.
> Xincludes appear have a few adverse or minimally documented side effects 
> (xml:base mangling, nested processing speed, stack and/or heap allocations, 
> etc) ; should strongly consider addressing these in an oXygen FAQ.
> Raymond

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