[oXygen-user] OS X menu item

Sorin Ristache
Mon Nov 21 03:23:16 CST 2005


The installer associates the <oXygen/> bundle with file types recognized 
by <oXygen/> (.xml, .xsd, .rng, .xsl, etc). Newer versions of <oXygen/> 
should not create other entries in the Open With menu because we do not 
change the application identifier. The problem appears on some Mac 
machines where <oXygen/> versions released before version 6.0 are 
installed, OS X is upgraded from 10.3.x to 10.4.x and after that a 6.x 
version or later is installed. The fix that we found is rebuilding the 
file association registry of that Mac machine with the following 
procedure listed in the User Manual:


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Timothy Reaves wrote:
>     I've just notices that I now have 3 entries for oXygen on the Open  
> With context menu.  Does the installer not check to see if it is  
> present before adding it?
>     What's the easiest way to remove the extra 2?
>     Thanks.
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