[oXygen-user] Programatic DocBook generation

T Reaves
Wed Jul 27 22:45:27 CDT 2005

     Hello all.

     I use Oxygen mainly standalone for editing DocBook XML files.  
I'd like to start processing these to HTML for inclusion in my web  
site.  I love that I can do this from within Oxygen, but I'd like to  
be able to do it programatically as well.  I'm wondering if someone  
can point me in the right direction; I'd like to know the easiest way  
to do this.  What libraries are required, and the API for how to  
convert from XML to HTML.

     As always, a short example would be wonderful!

     As to why I don't simply save the html Oxygen produces: I'm  
using a CMS solution, and the DocBook would be stored as XML.  I'm  
writing a plugin that will do the transform when the page is requested.


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