[oXygen-user] Not Automaticly Opening Files

George Cristian Bina
Mon May 24 11:14:51 CDT 2004

Hi Peter,

Oxygen stores in the project file the files that were open when the project
was closed and opens them next time the project is opened, something like:

            <file name="test.xml"/>
            <file name="test.xsl"/>
            <file focused="true" name="test.xpr"/>

You have two options:
1. Close the file before switching to other project or closing oXygen.
2. Remove the project/meta/lastOpenedFiles/file entries from the xpr file
before starting oXygen.

Best Regards,
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> Hello,
> Is there anyway to have Oxygen *not* open files automatically? Right now
> it will open the last used files on start up.
> Thanks
> Peter
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