Large File Viewer

Very large files (larger than a Gigabyte) that cannot be opened in the editor panel can be viewed in the Large File Viewer without loading the file in the memory. The Viewer is available from the Tools menu.

Maximum Performance with Minimal Memory Use

The viewer does not load the opened file into the memory. Using a caching algorithm it is able to read-only the displayed section of the file. This leads to a small burden on your system resources while not compromising the speed.

Regular Expression Find

Opening a very large file means nothing if you are not able to search for the relevant piece of information. The Find dialog allows to specify a plain text to find or a regular expression. The find operation is executed at line level in order to keep the memory usage low.

Large File Viewer

Aware of Text Encoding

A powerful feature is the fact that it detects the text encoding in case of an XML file or in case the file has an UTF mark (byte order mark). If you are trying to open a plain text file (with no encoding marks) you can specify the encoding in the options.