Dockable Framework

Dockable Views

The views inside the oXygen window are dockable, floating and hideable. They can be dragged and docked to the margin of any other view or the margin of the main window so that they form any desired layout.

Also they can float over the other views. A view in the hidden state has only the title visible near the left or right margin of the main window and becomes visible when the mouse pointer hovers over the title.

A Custom Layout for Views

Dockable Editors

Not only the views can be moved around the interface but also the editors can be arranged as you need inside the editing area.

Additionally, each editor can be split horizontally or vertically. Splitting an editor allows you to copy or move text and markup between two sections of the same document.

A Custom Layout for Editors

Support for Saving/Loading the Editor Layout. Predefined Layouts

You can save the current editor layout (what views and toolbars are visible and their position) and re-use it later, or even share it with your team.

oXygen has several predefined layouts, ranging from the Basic Layout (containing only the Project and Outline views) to the Advanced Layout (containing all the views). There are also available XML Schema development and XSLT development layouts showing only the specialized views and toolbars.