XSL:FO (Formatting Objects) Editor

Transform Your XML Using XSLT and FOP

oXygen offers intelligent support for FO editing and FO transformations which makes it ideal for developing XML-based publishing applications.

FO Editor

oXygen allows you to select a FO Processor to be applied on your FO XML document, and also how you would like to save or view the transformation result. You can create more transformation scenarios for a file and the selected ones can be executed with a click on the Apply Transformation Scenario(s) button.

Apply transformations

Ready-to-Use FOP Support

The Apache FOP is bundled with oXygen and it does not require any special configuration to use it. Therefore, you can convert the FO documents to PDF or to PostScript, for instance, just by setting up a transformation and choosing the perform FOP option.

You have at any time the possibility to configure the list of FO processors. In the following image the XEP FO and Antenna House processors have been added to the list using the "Browse for XEP" button.

If the Apache FOP, XEP or Antenna House are not enough for your development needs you can very easily add another one by specifying its name, working directory and command line.

FOP support