Multi Platform Availability

You can use oXygen on a multitude of platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and in general on any platform with Java (1.6 or later) support. It is available also as an Eclipse plugin allowing you to benefit from the features of the Eclipse workbench and from other plugins available for Eclipse.

<oXygen/> on Mac OS X
<oXygen/> on Windows
<oXygen/> on Eclipse

Multiple Platform License Use

The oXygen XML Editor & Author license is not bound to a specific platform. You can freely change from one platform to another using the same license. This applies both to the standalone and the Eclipse plugin distributions.

Multiple Installations are Allowed

oXygen XML Editor & Author can be installed on multiple computers as long as the licensed user is the only one who uses the software.

Flexible Licensing

Floating licensing model allows installation of oXygen XML Editor & Author on all workstations from a network segment in your company, but only the licensed number of installations will be able to run at a certain time.