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Sample Preface
This book explains each tasks separately. You can jump in anywhere, get the information you need, and complete your work.
You install components to make them available for your solution.
Installing hard drives or other storage
A simple guide to installing hard drives.
Installing your own Web Server
Installing a Web Server may sound tricky, but it is quite simple if you follow our instructions.
Installing your own Database
Installing a Database may sound tricky, but it is quite simple if you follow our instructions.
You configure components to set up or refine your solution.
Configuring hard storage devices
Most hard disks do not need any configuring. If they do, the instructions are relatively simple.
Configuring your Web Server
Configuring your Web Server can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be.
Configuring a Database
Follow these instructions to properly configure your database.
You maintain your solution to ensure that all components are operating at maximum efficiency.
Maintaining your hard drive
Here are a few tips for maintaining your hard drive.
Maintaining a Web Server
Maintaining a web server is really quite easy.
Maintaining a database
Maintaining a database does not take much work.
The troubleshooting tasks explain how to diagnose the cause of and recover from problems.
Troubleshooting your hard disk
Follow these steps to try and fix any problems with your hard drive.
Troublshooting Web Server problems
There are several things to try if your Web Server is not functioning properly.
Troubleshooting a database
Databases rarely have problems, but this may be helpful if you find some.
Sample Appendix
This appendix describes things that you rarely need to know.