[oXygen-user] How to type an UTF8 symbol in text as well as in author mode

Bernhard Kleine bernhard.kleine at gmx.net
Sun Feb 18 10:31:28 CST 2018

When I soaked my keyboard with tea, I had to by another one. I settled
for the logitech G910 which has some additional function keys. I have
already three of them in use for "text mode", "author mode" and a macro
for citations. Now I want it to use for nonbreakable space (U+00A0), and
nonseparable hyphen (U+2011). To this I need to know how to enter those
codes (and any other UTF8 code) with a normal keyboard. Please advice.

I have tested with alt + 194 160 (on the keypad) but end up with r; alt
+ 160 is á. It should be "space". Using entities would differ between
text and author mode, which I would like to avoid.


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