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Hi Wendell,

I do not have much experience with EXpath, at some point I tried to make 
it work in order to help somebody and I detailed the installation steps 



Radu Coravu
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On 2/2/2018 8:33 PM, Wendell Piez wrote:
> Hello oXygenistes,
> Over on XSL-List, Martin Honnen kindly pointed me to EXPath as a
> possible answer to my question regarding how to call http POST from
> inside XSLT (see below): he suggests the EXPath http client module.
> However, I find this isn't available in Saxon by default.
> Any ideas of how I can get this to work in oXygen? (or alternative strategies?)
> http://expath.org/modules/http-client/
> http://expath.org/files
> Cheers, Wendell
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> On 02.02.2018 18:29, Wendell Piez wapiez at wendellpiez.com wrote:
>> I have a need to procure a little bit of XML from a web service
>> running locally. To get it (once) from curl is easy:
>> curl -X POST -d "My string goes in here" localhost:8888/do/me
>> But I need to call it many many times, which I would naturally like to
>> do from inside my transformation.
>> Does anyone have any neat hints of how to do this under unextended (or
>> openly extended) XSLT 3.0?
> I am not sure how exactly that HTTP POST that curl produces looks like
> but http://expath.org/modules/http-client/ allows HTTP POST requests.
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