[oXygen-user] DiffCompare and Oxygen editor

Oxygen XML Editor Support (Adrian Buza)
Tue Mar 17 07:58:33 CDT 2015


If you are editing in Author mode, you can also press F5 (Reload) with 
the same result.
For the Text mode, if you need to use Revert frequently and would like a 
shortcut key, you can set it in Options > Menu Shortcut Keys. Search 
'revert' in the filter from the right panel and look for the 'Revert' 
action from the 'File' category

Starting with v17.0 the two actions (Revert and Reload) will be merged 
for all modes as File > Reload (F5).


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On 16.03.2015 18:03, Joe Wicentowski wrote:
>> Meanwhile, either remember to reload the file in the main editor (File >
>> Revert) ...
> Wow, I never knew about that command!  I've always closed/reopened
> manually to get the latest version of a file over WebDAV.  Thanks for
> mentioning this!
> Joe

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