[oXygen-user] automatically add a signature comment on new xquery and xslt files

Oxygen XML Editor Support (Adrian Buza)
Wed Dec 3 08:43:46 CST 2014

Hello Erik,

You can create your own custom XQuery template file that contains your 
name and the static text.
For the current date you can use an Oxygen editor variable, like this: 
Where 'yyyy-MM-dd' is the date pattern.
You can find all the editor variables documented here:

To use this template you must give it an appropriate name and place it 
in the 'templates' folder from the Oxygen installation folder. You can 
then use it in Oxygen from the File > New dialog under 'Global templates'.


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On 02.12.2014 16:33, Erik Zander wrote:
> Hi list
> I was wondering if any of you knew how to make oxygen generate a 
> comment at the top of all new xquery and xslt files with my name and 
> some other static text.
> If possible and additional benefit would be if also the current date 
> was inserted .
> Best Regards
> Erik
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