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Dylan Dawson
Wed Jul 6 11:33:53 CDT 2011

Hi Michael,

We have evaluated deltaXML in the past and found it suitable enough for our purposes - our only issue was that the cost was prohibitive.

Do you expect that your oXygen plugin will be any cheaper considering that buyers will not be using it in a general purpose way and only using it within oXygen?


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We have developed an oXygen plugin that shows the changes between any two versions of a document as oXygen 'tracked changes', which is available for evaluation download from http://www.deltaxml.com/products/oxygen-plugin/download.html. Please use oXygen's Author mode to view, accept and reject the changes.

We are looking for feedback from anyone using oXygen, who might find such a plugin useful, say to author structured documents.

If you use DITA, this plugin can also create a DITA topic with status and rev attributes inserted to show the changes between two versions of your topic.

Similarly, if you use DocBook, this plugin can create a DocBook document with revisionflag attributes inserted to show the changes between two versions of your document.

The DeltaXML oXygen Plugin provides authors of structured documents with that essential 'compare documents' feature found in ordinary word-processors.

We are in final beta stages and would appreciate any comments from oXygen users on this mailing list - please download an evaluation version and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Please feel free to provide feedback via this mailing-list, to me directly, or the plugin's own support forum (http://www.deltaxml.com/forum/index/14).

Thanks for your help,

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