[oXygen-user] Still having problems with XSD catalogs

Sorin Ristache
Mon Feb 27 04:45:07 CST 2006

Hi John,

I just downloaded the ISO 19139 XSD schemas from the URL which I specified:


then I unzipped the archive in folder ISO19139schemas on my computer, I 
right-clicked on a folder tree node in the Project view of <oXygen/>, 
selected the "Link to External Folder" action, in the file browser 
dialog I selected the folder ISO19139schemas, I right-clicked on the new 
folder node called "ISO19139schemas" with a yellow icon created in the 
Project view and selected "Validate selection". I have the same options 
checked as you in the XML Parser preference panel. The "Validate 
selection" action validated all the XSDs in that directory without 
errors. There were only 4 warnings that there was no schema declaration 
for the text files:


*You don't need XML catalogs for the schemas contained in the zip 
archive.* All the references are to local files so a catalog is *not 
needed*. Remove XML catalogs if you have such catalogs set for the ISO 
19139 schemas in Options -> Preferences -> XML / XML Catalog and restart 
<oXygen/>. You may uncheck also the use of the default <oXygen/> catalog 
in the same Preferences panel.

If you get a different result in <oXygen/> version 7.0 then you are 
trying to validate other files than the ones contained in the archive at:


or you have wrong mappings in some XML catalog file set in the <oXygen/> 
preferences. In such a case in order to reproduce the errors we need the 
files with the errors, maybe an archive with the XSDs of ISO 19139 which 
you are trying to validate and any XML catalog that you use.

Best regards,

> Hi Sorin,
> That amazes me.  I loaded all the files into a project and clicked on
> "validate all project files".  I get hundreds of errors.
> I have the following settings checked in my preferences:
> full schema checking
> honour all schema locations
> ignore DTD for validation if schema specified
> enable include processing
> base URL fixup
> language fixup
> The other settings don't apply.
> If you set these in you preferences do you get the same validation results?
> If so then is there something wrong with my copy of Oxygen 7.0?
> Thanks.
> John
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>>Hi again,
>>I downloaded the ISO 19139 XSDs from
>>and I had to enable the option 
>>in Options 
>>-> Preferences -> XML / XML Parser to validate all the XSDs without 
>>errors and without setting an XML catalog. That option tells 
>>the parser 
>>to use all the references to XSDs that define types and 
>>elements for the 
>>same namespace:
> hemaLocations
> Best regards,
> Sorin

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