[oXygen-user] Still having problems with XSD catalogs

Sorin Ristache
Thu Feb 23 05:26:30 CST 2006

Hi again,

I downloaded the ISO 19139 XSDs from


and I had to enable the option 
"http://apache.org/xml/features/honour-all-schemaLocations" in Options 
-> Preferences -> XML / XML Parser to validate all the XSDs without 
errors and without setting an XML catalog. That option tells the parser 
to use all the references to XSDs that define types and elements for the 
same namespace:


Best regards,

> Hi George,
> I read the documents that you refer to and it seemed to be similar to what
> Sorin suggested though I didn't understand much.  
> I think that I have made the changes that Sorin suggested but I still get the
> error.  I would really like to resolve this problem of catalog files with
> Oxygen 7.0 because I am trying to get the ISO 19139 XSDs to validate.  Once I
> do this I can then create and/or test XML metadata document instances of that
> standard.
> The ISO 19139 XSDs are available from URL:
> http://eden.ign.fr/xsd/isotc211
> I get 904 errors in Oxygen when I validate these XSDs.  Most errors are
> duplicates but I *really* need to get catalogs working to sort out these
> errors.
> Thanks.
> John

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