[oXygen-user] Big files

Sean Wheller
Tue Aug 24 03:30:26 CDT 2004

On Tuesday 24 August 2004 10:09, George Cristian Bina wrote:
> What about the support with large XML files?
> I've tried to open a 10 Mb file with Oxygen and Eclipse has died.  I give
> 210 Mb to Eclipse, and have 1 Gb of RAM.
> Any hint to improve this behavior?

I have only ever experienced problems opening large files when the file is not 
indented (Pretty Printed). Is your file indented? If not emacs the file and 
add line breaks to parts of the document, say every 100 or 150 lines. Try 
open again. If the file opens use Oxygens Pretty Print and save. Close the 
file and try open it again. The performance should be better.
Sean Wheller


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