[oXygen-user] plug-in

Dan Caprioara
Tue Aug 10 01:18:11 CDT 2004

Hello Sean,

Unfortunately it is not possible to configure JSVN as an Oxygen plugin. 
In any plugin framework the plugins must implement some interfaces 
defined by the enclosing application. JSVN is not implementing the 
Plugin interface defined by Oxygen.


PS: The class attributes from the plugin.xml are specifying the Java 
class from the plugin jar that implements the Oxygen Plugin interface.

Sean Wheller wrote:

>I wish to configure jsvn as a plugin to oxygen, is it possible.
>I created plugin.xml valid to plugin.dtd but am not sure how to complete it so 
>it will work.
><!DOCTYPE plugin SYSTEM "../plugin.dtd">
>    name="JSVN"
>    description="Java Swing Interface to Subversion (SVN client required)"
>    version="0.8"
>    vendor="Alternate Computing Solutions"
>    class="???????">
>    <runtime>
>        <library name="jsvn-0.8.jar"/>
>    </runtime>
>    <extension type="?????" 
>    class="????"/>

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