[oXygen-user] Woking wih files on the nework

Dan Caprioara
Mon Aug 2 01:49:06 CDT 2004

Oxygen is writing the transformation result in a temporary file, in the 
same directory as your xml file. Since the xml file is on another host, 
it fails to write/load it due to a path representation problem for the 
network files.
I will add this problem to our todo list and will find a workaround for it.

Thank you for letting us know,


Peter Charles wrote:

>When working with files that are store on a network drive I get the
>following error when trying to execute a transformation:
>SystemID: null
>Description: \dev\eclipse\workspace\misc\ui\xml\advanced-search.xml_xslt
>(The system cannot find the path specified)
>Center for Document Engineering
>University of California, Berkeley
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