[oXygen-sdk] [Ann] Oxygen XML Editor 18.1 version released

Radu Coravu radu_coravu at sync.ro
Thu Oct 20 06:15:59 CDT 2016

Hi everybody,

I am happy to announce that version 18.1 of oXygen XML Editor is now
available for download on our website.
The entire set of new features can be found here:


The Author SDK Maven repository has also been updated:


As always we added lots of Java API to Oxygen. I will enumerate below 
some of the API changes, the complete list can be found here:


- Control Titles Computation in the DITA Maps Manager.
The "WSDITAMapEditorPage.addNodeRendererCustomizer" API allows you to 
let Oxygen compute topic titles in the DITA Maps Manager view but to 
also allow the API developer to display additional information in the 
topic title (for example looking at metadata inside the topic).

- Retrieve an Icon to be Displayed for a File Type.
Starting with version 17.1 we've been improving Oxygen to be Retina 
aware, both on Mac OSX and on Windows. If your plugin is not retina 
aware, the icons it contributes for toolbar buttons may appear scaled 
out or fuzzy when using Retina screens.
The API method "ImageUtilitiesSpecificProvider.loadIcon(URL)" allows you 
to have for your plugin two sets of images (non-retina and retina).
When running on a retina or HiDPI display, the application will try to 
load a corresponding image for the current display. This topic explains 
how the application tries to load an image based on the initial given 
image location and on the display type:


- Listener for Replace All in Files Operations.
If you have a CMS integration plugin for the standalone Oxygen, you may 
want to be notified before and after Oxygen starts a "Replace All" 
operation on the entire set of DITA Map resources. The 
"PluginWorkspace.addBatchOperationsListener()" allows CMS integration 
plugins to automatically check out topics before they are modified by 
the Oxygen "Find/Replace in Files" tool.

- Internationalization Support for Plugins
If a plugin has an i18n folder with a specific translation.xml 
configuration file containing translations in various languages, the 
StandalonePluginWorkspace.getResourceBundle() API method provides access 
to translations of messages in the current language set in the application.

- Create Editing Component to Use in Your Own Custom Container.
The StandalonePluginWorkspace.createEditorComponentProvider() API method 
allows you to create a small editing component with various edit modes 
(Text, Grid, Author) that you can use in your own custom dialog boxes to 
edit XML content. For example if you want to create your own action to 
insert links and you want your custom dialog to show a preview of the 
target file, this API now allows you to create the Author preview area 
for your custom dialog.


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/>  XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

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