[oXygen-sdk] Styling inside the DITA Map Manager

Nigel Whitaker nigel.whitaker at deltaxml.com
Mon Jul 15 05:03:29 CDT 2013


We are trying to show users the result of a DITA Map comparison (two input maps, in the result map we want to show users which topics are added/deleted/changed).

We use @status on the topicrefs for example:

 <title>DITA Topic Map</title>
 <topicref href="topic1.xml" status="changed"/>
 <topicref href="topic2.xml" status="new"/>

When the map is opened in an editor window some CSS can be used to style the topics:

*[status=new] {
    text-decoration: underline; 
    background-color: #90ee90;  /* CSS - LightGreen */

*[status=changed] {
    background-color: #77ccff; /* CSS - LightCyan */

This works great in the editor - users looking at a result map can see the changed topics, click and see the topic level changes.
However, when a user chooses to open the map in the DITA Map Manager,  there isn't any styling.

Is there an alternative way of styling that we could be using?  
If not, could we request an enhancement to support CSS in the Map Manager?



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