[oXygen-sdk] Welcome to the Oxygen SDK users list

Radu Coravu radu_coravu at sync.ro
Tue Oct 23 02:49:29 CDT 2012


Welcome to the Oxygen SDK Users List.

We planned this list to be a good place where to publicly discuss 
integration questions like:

* Building plugins for the Oxygen standalone installation.

* Communicating between your Eclipse plugins and the Oxygen plugin for 

* What CSS properties to use in order to visually render your XML 
content in a certain way.

* Creating custom Java extensions or operations for working in the 
Author page.

* Embedding our Author Component in your custom Java application or 
using it as a Web Java Applet.

There have been a lot of interesting API discussions in the past both on 
the Oxygen forum, users list and directly on our support email address 
(support at oxygenxml.com) and we considered that some of these discussions 
may be interesting for the entire developer community.

We added an API FAQ in our user manual:


and we'll try to update it to contain answers to interesting question 
posed on this list and on the other support channels.

Sorry for the spam you received previously, this list will be strictly 
moderated in the future so this will not happen again.


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/>  XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

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