Pasting tables from Word to Oxygen Author: smart paste issue?

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Pasting tables from Word to Oxygen Author: smart paste issue?

Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:47 pm

I'm trying to engage the smart paste function to paste tables from Word into Author. I've tried some tips from old topics on this forum but not had much success. When I paste tables, the contents render as lines of text, with one line for each original table row. Attempting to paste a blank table produces no change in the topic.

Tech and option details:

I'm running <oXygen/> XML Author 20.1, build 2018061313.

Under Editor / Edit Modes / Author / Schema-Aware, I set all Schema-Aware Editing options to on and checked every available box on that screen.

Under Document Type Association / Locations, my location is set to Default.

On the main Document Type Association page, there's an internal-storage extension of DITA with priority set to High. The external-storage DITA option has priority set to Low. When I've tried adjusting that, I don't have write permissions to alter the priority on the base DITA option.

I'd appreciate any suggestions that you can offer!
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Re: Pasting tables from Word to Oxygen Author: smart paste issue?

Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:11 am

Hi Laura,

What version of Oxygen are you using?
Let's first try on your side to create a small Word document with a single paragraph containing some bold and italic text, copy its contents and paste in a DITA topic.
If that works (the Word bold and italic and converted to DITA "b" and "i" elements), then the problem might somehow stem from that particular table, somehow the paste operation in this case defaults to just pasting the plain text. If you can share a sample Word document with us ( I could try to look more into this on our side.
If pasting even that simple paragraph in the DITA topic does not work, in the Oxygen Preferences->"Document Type Association / Locations" page you can try to uncheck (disable) that internal DITA framework, just to let the default "DITA" framework handle the paste. Then you can try to reopen the DITA topic and paste again.

Radu Coravu
<oXygen/> XML Editor
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Re: Pasting tables from Word to Oxygen Author: smart paste issue?

Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:13 pm

Hi Radu,

Thanks, and sorry for the slow reply!

I am using Oxygen XML Author 20.1, build 2018061313.

I tried pasting in a simple paragraph from Word with boldface and italics, but it all rendered as plain text, even after I disabled the DITA extension to point to the default one. I've just messaged the support address separately with more details and some screenshots of paste results. Thanks!

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