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Necessary Preference Pages for XML only

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:31 pm
by SSC

as I already mentioned in former posts, we are using the Eclipse plugin of Oxygen. But we just need the functionallity of your XML editor.
So I nearly removed everything, which is not necessary for us.
When it comes to the Preference Pages I´d like to know, which ones are necessary for the XML Editor.
CSS Validator : What is the CSS Validator for? Does it also validate the CSS, which is used for an opened XML File or is it only used for working with CSS Files in an Oxygen CSS Editor?

Certificates: For what are those Certificates intended?

Data Source : We use to offer the editor a custom IEditorInput during runtime, which already contains the XML file, which is supposed to be opened. So I guess this is also not needed.

Networkconnections: same as Data Source?

My aim is to find out which preference pages would make sense for those who only use Oxygen for XML editing.

Thanks in advance


Re: Necessary Preference Pages for XML only

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 4:45 pm
by Radu
Hi Simon,

CSS Validator
Used only to validate CSS files opened in the Eclipse Workbench, so it should be safe to remove it.
If you have an XML file opened in the Text page you can sign it using different certificates (contextual menu action) (and then send it to someone who can check that the XML file was not altered). So it can be removed if not necessary.
Data Source
Support to connect to various databases, can be removed as you are providing your own editor input.
Settings for opening using the Oxygen URL Browser different FTP or HTTP WebDav resources, probably again not necessary.