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SVN Client deprecated?

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 6:53 am
by sarcanon
Hello. I just installed OxygenXML v 21.0, and discovered that at the bottom of the Tools menu, it reads "SVN Client (deprecated)". which shocked me considerably since I rely on this tool quite a bit.

I checked the What's New page (, and it says nothing about the SVN Client being deprecated. The only mention of SVN at all is to say "Updated the bundled SVN client to use SVNKit 1.8.15.".

Can someone please explain what is going on?

Thank you.

Re: SVN Client deprecated?

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2019 12:23 pm
by florin

According to our documentation, our Syncro SVN Client application is only compatible with Subversion 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8 versions, that are currently out-dated and out of support (the last security fix available for version 1.8 being released in August 2017).

For this reason, we decided to make our users aware of that by labeling it as deprecated. This is an indication that we are not undergoing further development on this feature in order to support newer versions of Subversion. Although it is not our intention to eliminate this feature, without supporting newer Subversion versions it may eventually be phased out naturally. But until this happens, there is no reason to worry and you can continue to use it as explicitly stated in the documentation, to the extent that the current version is sufficient for you (and you do not need compatibility with a newer version of a Subversion server).

Best regards,

Re: SVN Client deprecated?

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 4:17 am
by piwiaus
Also just caught up with the deprecated status of the svn client. Saddened by the decision. This has been the tool of choice for the entire team of writers.