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Setting up an XML catalog in my project

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 10:02 pm
by 4everJang
I have a lot of files to convert to DITA, and all of them are referring to the same DTD using a public as well as system ID, like this:
"ifu.dtd" [

I am trying to get oXygen to find the right DTD via the Public ID but I fail to see how that should work. I tried to play around with the document type association settings but there are too many for me to figure out what I need to set. If someone has done this before, please give me the steps. I need to get this set up soon as I need to run several 100 transforms before the weekend is over and the XML files are in all kinds of different directories with references to image files etc. being local. So moving the files is not an option, neither is copying the DTD (which pulls in a ton of entity files). I just need to know how to 1) map the Public ID to a specific file location and 2) make oXygen use that Public ID mapping.

Thanks anyone for a quick reply


Re: Setting up an XML catalog in my project

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 11:45 am
by Radu
Hi Jang,

If you have an XML catalog file "catalog.xml" already available along with the DTDs, you can add a reference to it in the Oxygen Preferences->"XML / XML Catalog" page and afterwards all XSLT transformations should use it.
Otherwise, create your own "catalog.xml" in the same folder with the "ifu.dtd" with the content:

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<catalog xmlns="urn:oasis:names:tc:entity:xmlns:xml:catalog">
    <public publicId="-//DOSCO BRAHMS//DTD IFU R5//EN" uri="ifu.dtd"/>