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Validation scenario bug

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 11:56 am
by Oleksii
I want to validate an xml-document with two file in one Scenario:

- Relax NG with embedded schematron rules"
- an external schematron file

Configuring Relax NG:
>Configure Transformation Scenario > use detected schema
is not possible to choose Embedded schematron rules
>Configure Transformation Scenario > use custom schema
The problem is with schematron phase:
The schematron phase of RelaxNG is by defualt the one which is defined in the external schematron file. But this phase is not present in the Relax NG and causes an error, there are acutally no phases at all. The workaround is: first edit scenario for an external schematron file: choose "prompt for phase", then edit the scenario for relax NG and choose "prompt for phase", then again go to the external schematron an choose the right phase. Somehow doesn't look well for me. :)

Re: Validation scenario bug

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 6:15 pm
by adrian

For custom validation scenarios, currently there is no support for choosing a specific phase when validating with embedded schematron (RelaxNG or XML Schema). Currently there's no way to specify the phase. It's not a UI bug, it's something that is not implemented in the validation system. I've logged an improvement request to support this in a future version.

I don't see how the workaround you mentioned would be working since there is no implementation that would connect the dots and relay the phase to the validator. If you are relying on what you see grayed out in the UI, that is just a disabled "Schematron phase" combo box that has not been cleared from the previous use of the dialog (when you used a Schematron schema type).