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Encode / decode '+' operator for Strimg varaibles in XSL

Posted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:22 pm
by Aswath
Hi All,

I have one weird problem in my XSL transform. The Java code is writing data into XSL using XMLWriter.

The Java code line looks like this ...

xmlWriter.writeElement( "notation", "(A)=(B)+(C)");

I dont want to do any String concatenation here and I wanted the out put in XSL as (A)=(B)+(C)

But I see the + symbol is missing in my XSL out put and value get displayed as (A)=(B) (C)

I use UTF-8 encode in my XSL .

Is there any encoding mechanism ? Is it possible to handle at Java or XML level ?

Please share your thoughts out of your experience