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display xml elements in html table cells using XSLT

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 5:47 pm
by sujatha
I have the following xml -->

Depending upon my LOOKBACK_PERIODS(xml element) in ASSOC_3-MS value I have to display them in a html table.
For ex:
In html table the first row is like "200301,200302, ..........200312"(depends on the xml values)
and in the second row

If LOOKBACK_PERIODS is "200304" get the month value(which is "04") and display it accordingly to the prevous row i.e below "200304(first row)" I have to display "LOOKBACK_AMOUNTS" value.

For ex
First Row = 200301 200302 200303 200304 200305 200306 200307 200308.....
sec row = 75.00 34.00

I am not able get any solution to this problem, and I am doing this in XSLT, if anybody has any possible solution let me know.