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Exported Hebrew and Greek from Database show ??? question marks

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:43 am
by kevin-ncbc
I am using Oxygen Editor in connection with my MSSQL database to export to XML. I've made the connection to the database. In the Data Source Explorer, I've selected a table that contains mostly English text, but a few fields have Hebrew and Greek (including diacritical marks).

The XML that is created shows only question marks in the editor view where Hebrew and Greek should be. I've made sure that the editor's font supports both the Hebrew and Greek Unicode characters. In fact, when I open an XML file that I exported directly from MSSQL, it does show the Hebrew and Greek just fine. So, it's the XML created from within Oxygen Editor that is not retaining the Unicode characters. Is there a setting I must change somewhere to control how these characters are exported?

Thank you for your help!