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How do I display address in one line?

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 4:30 pm
by winkimjr2
I have XML address and want the result to be one line this:
123 E Rubble ALY E, Bedrock, DC, 65401
How do I do it in XSLT?

XML Address Elements

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<Address InternalAddressID="1618207867" Type="Standard">
<Location Word="HOME">Home</Location>
<AddressLine2>123 E Rubble ALY E</AddressLine2>
<AddressLine4>Bedrock, DC, 65401</AddressLine4>
<PreDir Word="E">East</PreDir>
<AddrSfxKy Word="ALY">Alley</AddrSfxKy>
<PostDir Word="E">East</PostDir>