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Changing the severity of DITA validation engine checks

Posted: Tue Mar 02, 2021 9:57 pm
by chrispitude
Hi all,

Some serious DITA validation issues, such as missing image files, are reported as warnings rather than errors. For example,

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Main validation file: C:\...omitted...\description_of_output_files.dita
Scenario name: DITA
Document type: Synopsys DITA Topic
Engine name: DITA Validation
Severity: warning
Description: Key definition 'refman_runset_func' not found in the DITA Map. Keys are gathered from the root map: icvug1.ditamap.
Is there a way to modify the severity of a particular check? I searched the forums and the documentation, so I hope the answer is not obvious. :)


Re: Changing the severity of DITA validation engine checks

Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2021 8:34 am
by Radu
Hi Chris,

According to the DITA standard a missing key reference is not a fatal processing error, for example the DITA OT reports it as an information message, we chose to report it as a warning message.
We do not have an easy way to increase the severity level for missing key refs. There is an Oxygen plugin API which is notified whenever errors are encountered but before they are presented to the end user. For example this Javascript based plugin uses the validation problems filter API to remove certain problems before they are presented to the end user: ... lemsFilter

but our reported problems also have a method to modify their severity: ... erity-int-

so the plugin could probably be modified to increase the severity on certain problems instead of filtering out problems.