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Keyboard shortcuts in WebHelp Responsive: e.g. prev/next topic

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 6:40 am
by Graham Hannington
I would like keyboard shortcuts for the previous and next topic links in WebHelp Responsive.

Perhaps WebHelp already supports such keyboard shortcuts? If so, I haven't found any corresponding documentation.

I understand that, while this might be a simple request to state, the implementation is not necessarily straightforward. Otherwise, I might just add accesskey attributes myself :wink:.

I know that I can Tab to those links (that's good!), but that's onerous, because the current tab position gets reset each time you navigate to a different topic. And I know that I can Tab to TOC entries; but again, that's onerous, for the same reason.

If you implement this feature, it would be nice if the Oxygen WebHelp UI somehow made these keyboard shortcuts known (or "discoverable") to the user, so that authors don't feel the need to describe those shortcuts in a bespoke "Accessibility" documentation topic.

Re: Keyboard shortcuts in WebHelp Responsive: e.g. prev/next topic

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 12:53 pm
by Costin
Hi Graham,

Unfortunately, in the current implementation of WebHelp, it is not possible to set keyboard shortcuts for the previous/next topic links in the WebHelp Responsive output.
However, it may be possible to implement your own shortcuts, using a JavaScript customization of your own.
You could add JavaScript resources into the output through custom HTML content (see more details here), or through a publishing template, passing the JS as additional resource (more information here).

Also, I have just added an improvement request into our internal tracking system, so our development team will consider implementing support for such shortcuts in a future version of oXygen.
We will notify this thread when/if this will get implemented.

Best Regards,