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Warn that a File Being Moved/Renamed Will Not Be Refactored

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2020 4:16 am
by jmorales
1. Although I have Master Files enabled, I recently cut and pasted a graphic in the Project pane to a different folder, and Oxygen didn't update links to the graphic. It appears that the graphic in question was not part of any DITA map hierarchy, although it was used by some orphan topics. In a case like this, where automatic refactoring is not going to take place because the file you are moving or renaming is not related to a ditamap, it would be very helpful if Oxgen could display a warning before you complete the action, and give the user a chance to abort.

2. Also, it would be nice if the Refactoring > Rename Resource and Refactoring > Move Resource selections would be presented when I right-click a graphic in the Project pane.


Re: Warn that a File Being Moved/Renamed Will Not Be Refactored

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 1:06 pm
by Radu

For (1) indeed that's how the master files support works, it updates references only if the topics which contain them are directly or indirectly referenced in the master DITA Maps. We'll discuss about this but I do not quite agree with issuing a warning every time a resource that Oxygen considers as not being referenced from anywhere is being moved.

About adding specialized actions to move/rename in the project view we considered there is no need to add them as long as actually cut pasting , renaming or drag and dropping the resources will refresh all links to them.