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Autocomplete for JSON Schema

Posted: Sat May 25, 2019 5:26 pm
by sspringett
Hello, I’m using 21.1 and authoring a JSON Schema (draft-7). I find myself going back and forth between Oxygen and VSCode. VSCode because of the autocomplete support and Oxygen for everything else.

Any plans on adding autocomplete support for JSON Schema?

Re: Autocomplete for JSON Schema

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 9:22 am
by tavy

Thanks for your feedback.
Yes, right now for JSON Schema content completion we are using JSON meta-schemas. The meta-schemas are not so strict defined, this is why in the content completion list we present all the properties that can be inserted in a JSON Schema. We need to make the meta-schemas more strict, or have a specific content completion support for JSON Schema.
We have an issue on our issue tracker to improve the content completion for JSON Schema in a future oXygen version. I added your comment and I increased its priority. We will update this topic when it will be implemented.

Best Regards,