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XML/XSLT/DITA development and consulting services by XML Rocks

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:27 pm
by azakharchuk
XML Rocks is a team of seasoned software engineers focused on XML technologies, based in Lviv, Ukraine. We've been working with XML since 1999, with XSLT/XSL-FO since 2001, with DITA since 2004. Within that period we've completed 100+ XML-centric projects. We also contribute to open-source and run a technical blog.

The services we offer include (but not limited to):
  • DITA-OT customization/plug-ins development - building DITA-OT plug-ins: PDF (both XSL-FO and CSS Paged Media), HTML (HTML5, responsive, WebHelp), Eclipse Help, troff, ePub, etc;
  • publishing automation - building/migrating automated technical documentation documentation publishing pipelines based on DITA or Docbook;
  • content migration - converting large data arrays from proprietary XML or non-XML formats to DITA, Docbook or other XML formats;
  • XSL-FO development - building transformations to AntennaHouse Formatter, RenderX XEP, Apache FOP;
  • XSLT development - development of various XSLT transformations;
  • performance tuning - complex XSLT transformations performance optimization;
  • custom software development - we are backed up by Intelliarts Ltd. software development company (

You can find more information about us/our services at