Simple HTMLscript to hold XML on webpage - PLEASE HELP PLEAS

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Simple HTMLscript to hold XML on webpage - PLEASE HELP PLEAS

Post by mdexter » Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:42 am

Hello all,

This is my first post here and I am after a script for a steam API .xml url tp go onto a custom HTML module for my GameClan Website, ok I will

give you some background information here.

Ok I have a STEAM API KEY and I have a steam id etc, now the steam XML feed is the following:

I have tried so many scripts out there, done so much reading but I am just not a coder I cannot get this to work, can someone please give me

the script I would need.

Ok here is an example of a steam feed that I want to use:

ok that will live on this page:

Now I have to link it to my website module which is on this page at the very bottom in the module at the very bottom with the name:

STEAM AoE2 HD Global Achievements (testing)

Ok so the HTML module needs to get the xml page as above ((PLEASE NOTE MY WEB HOST DOES NOT ALLOW XML ETC PAGES SO I HAVE


So the module you see at the bottom of the page at have a HTML module which has the following html code:


I cannot load the xml feed into the page above at:

it does not load into the above page, the url makes the page have the white background etc, I cannot get the contents of the feed to load into

the above webpage....I have tried ending the page in .php etc.

Can someone please help me get the script for the above page to load the xml feed into the page at: the "steam..htm" page with the background colour and fonts etc so it can load

properly into the webpage module at

I have tried Steam forums, no replies, I have tried another two forums on the web and no replies, I am not a coder,, I am more of a designer of

graphics etc and just cannot get my head around the xml feed...but I know the members of the clan we have will be very pleased as this

information is really important.

Please can someone help us out with the script for the webpage to make this load with the font type and colour etc, thanks so very much in