Remote WSDL Usage

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Remote WSDL Usage

Post by magnusprime » Wed Mar 23, 2005 9:51 pm

I am trying to use Oxygen to connect to a remote WSDL that sits on Tomcat/Axis at http://localhost:8080/axis/services/Sample?wsdl. That is the URL to the web service.

I have used other Web Service tools and they connect to it without any problems.

Oxygen does not seem to be able to connect. There is no username/password, and there is no ftp access.

I tried putting the full URL into the Server URL box when using the WSDL Analyzer, but I get the following error: WSDL Document is not Valid.

My ultimate goal is to be able to use Oxygen to connect to the web service, and allow me to see the SOAP Request envelopes and SOAP Reponse envelopes that the web service is using. This would be very helpful in testing the Web Service.

I know XML SPY can do this, but I think Oxygen is a better tool.

Thanks for your answers/thoughts.


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Re:Remote WSDL Usage

Post by Radu » Thu Mar 24, 2005 10:23 am


The Oxygen analyser first tries to validate the wsdl document that you try to open via the wsdl file opener. For some reason or another the validation seems to fail.

In order to work around this you can open the wsdl file in Oxygen with the standard URL opener or by clicking the third button on the right in the WSDL file opener (the "Open in editor button").
Once the file is opened in the editor you can click on the "WSDL SOAP Analyser" button located on the toolbar. If you have the 5.1 version of Oxygen a pop-up will warn you the wsdl file is not valid but the analyer will nevertheless try to analyse it and build the SOAP request.
Of course the validation errors should be corrected if possible because the analysis may not be accurate.

We'll add an entry to our bug list to also show a warning message but allow the user to continue analysis when the file is opened via the WSDL File Opener and found to be not valid.

Please tell us if you have any more problems with this,

Regards, Radu.

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