Editing multiple AuthorNodes at once

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Editing multiple AuthorNodes at once

Post by SSC » Mon Oct 08, 2012 3:34 pm


We use the Eclipse Plugin version 14.1 of Oxygen.
In this version it is possible to select multiple XML tags(AuhtorNodes) while pressing the CRTL key.

When I have selected multiple AuthorNodes and then try to edit some attributes of the selected AuthorNodes, only the latest selected AuthorNode is updated.

I used the "Edit attributes" action of the editor´s popup menu and the Attributes view as well. Both just do update the latest selected AuthorNode.
But also other actions do have this behavior. Like the Text Menu in the editor´s popup menu. For instance when I try to make all selected AuthorNodes upper- or lowercase.

Is this a bug or is there a reason for this behavior?
Are there any actions, which are aware of multi-selection and benefit from it or should the multi-selection better be deactivated?

Best regards,

Simon Scholz
vogella GmbH

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Re: Editing multiple AuthorNodes at once

Post by mihaela » Mon Oct 08, 2012 4:45 pm


This multiple selection feature was added in oXygen version 14 especially for supporting the table column selection (now it is possible to select a table column by just click on top of it).

We have updated also some basic operations like delete, cut, copy or drag and drop to work also with multiple selections intervals. Also, starting with oXygen 14.1, the Track Changes actions will take into account this type of selection.

In the future we will adapt more actions to the multiple selection, including the "Edit Attributes" one. I have added your feature request and we will notify you when it will be implemented.

Best Regards,
Mihaela Calotescu

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