Configuration of external FO processor

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Configuration of external FO processor

Mon Apr 14, 2003 4:41 pm

After the upgrade to <oXygen/> XML Editor Version 2.0 I've noticed changes in the configuration of an external FO processor (Apache FOP 0.20.4) to create a PDF file from a XML input file:

- in version 1.2.4 I used the following command line template (as documented in the 'User guide' to version 1.2.4, p. 7):

org.apache.fop.apps.Fop -fo $2 -$1 $3
(just part concerning fop)

where the macro $2 stands for the FO input file (edited file or result of XSLT), $1 for the FO method and $3 for the output file. With this external FOP and the 'Configure Transformation Dialog' it was possible to transform a XML file to PDF.

- I'm missing in version 2.0 the similar documentation of the use of macros for Apache FOP in the new 'User guide'. The equivalent command line with the new macro-names

org.apache.fop.apps.Fop -fo ${cf} -pdf ${tsf}
(just part concerning fop)

did not work. I had to change the command line to

org.apache.fop.apps.Fop -xml ${cf}
-xsl U:\arbeit\zbuch6\quelle\kodiert_b\fop\buch.xsl -pdf ${tsf}
(just part concerning fop,
whole command line template see below)

where ${cf} stands for the path of edited file and ${tsf} stands for the transformation result file.
It seems that the information, which I give in the 'Configure Transformation Dialog' is for the external FOP not relevant. So in version 2.0 I have to give in the command line both the XML infile and the XSL stylesheet and for latter I can use no macros.
That means I have to configure for every used XSL stylesheet a new external FOP. Would it be possible to use an external FOP similar as in version 1.2.4 with the information about the used XSL stylesheet taken from the 'Configure Transformation Dialog'?

Thanks much.

Used command line template for Oxygen 2.0:
java -cp c:\programme\fop0204\build\fop.jar;c:\programme\fop0204\lib\batik.jar;c:\programme\fop0204\lib\xalan-2.3.1.jar;c:\programme\fop0204\lib\xercesImpl-2.0.1.jar;c:\programme\fop0204\lib\xml-apis.jar;c:\programme\fop0204\lib\avalon-framework-cvs-20020315.jar;c:\programme\fop0204\lib\logkit-1.0.jar;c:\programme\fop0204\lib\jimi-1.0.jar org.apache.fop.apps.Fop -xml ${cf} -xsl U:\arbeit\zbuch6\quelle\kodiert_b\fop\buch.xsl -pdf ${tsf} -c c:\programme\fop0204\conf\userconfig.xml
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Mon Apr 14, 2003 5:39 pm


Please use
${method} instead of $1 from 1.2.4
${fo} instead of $2 from 1.2.4
${out} instead of $3 from 1.2.4

We will document these macros in the next release.

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