SQF on XSpec

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SQF on XSpec

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Hi. Just got done with my SQF validation on our Schematron modules, now working on an XSpec SQF. I was a bit thrown when I didn't see the quick fix "light bulb" on something that was clearly being warned about - I usually use that rather than the mouse-over. The mouse-over was there, but not the light bulb - is this a configuration thing or a bug?

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<sch:schema queryBinding="xslt2" 
    <sch:ns uri="http://www.jenitennison.com/xslt/xspec" prefix="x"/>   
    <sch:pattern id="sqf-run-as">
        <sch:rule context="x:description">
            <sch:assert test="@run-as = 'external'" sqf:fix="add-run-as" id="sch0001" role="warn">
                <sch:name/> SHOULD have @run-as="external" set unless it is known to cause issues.
            <sqf:fix id="add-run-as">
                    <sqf:title>Add x:description/@run-as="external"</sqf:title>
                <sqf:add node-type="attribute" target="run-as" select="'external'"/>
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Re: SQF on XSpec

Post by tavy »

Hello Scott,

Thanks for your feedback.
Yes, it seems that the XSpec editor does not enable the quick assist support (light bulb). I added an issue on our issue tracker to enable the quick assist support in the XSpec editor. When this will be solved we will update this thread.

Best Regards,
Octavian Nadolu
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