Oxygen 20.1 is not showing colors in map for attributes

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Oxygen 20.1 is not showing colors in map for attributes

Post by eklisiewicz » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:21 pm

I have set the status attribute for topics in a bookmap to status = new. However, even though I have set a color for this attribute, the colored square and text does not appear next to the topic in the map even after I have set this. This feature worked in version 19 but does not work for me in version 20.1. I believe this to be a bug.

How can I fix this? Is there a workaround or some setting I am missing?


Elizabeth Klisiewicz

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Re: Oxygen 20.1 is not showing colors in map for attributes

Post by Radu » Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:39 pm

Hi Elizabeth,

Do you mean that you set special colors for the "status" attribute in the Preferences->"Colors and Styles" page?

Here's what I did on my side:

In the Oxygen Preferences->"Editor / Edit Modes / Author / Profiling/Conditional Text" page I defined a new "status" attribute for the "*DITA*" framework pattern with a couple of values.
In the Preferences->"Colors and Styles" page I set a color for 'status='new''.
Then in a DITA topic I set the "status='new'" attribute on a paragraph, and in the filter toolbar button I showed the profiling attributes and profiling colors. It works for me both with Oxygen 20.1 and 21.0.

In general we created the Profiling/Conditional Text" preferences for profiling attributes, the "status" attribute is not a DITA profiling attribute but you are not the first of our clients who defines an attribute as being a profiling attribute just to benefit from showing the attribute in the Author visual editing mode or from editing it using our "Edit Profiling Attributes" specialized action. So we'll try also in the future to have this functionality work even if the attribute is not technically a profiling attribute.

Radu Coravu
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