XSLT StyleSheet Documentation Error

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XSLT StyleSheet Documentation Error

Fri Apr 22, 2016 5:58 pm

Not sure where to put this so...i'll post it here.
If you have multiple xslt files opened and using the shortcut CTRL+ALT+X or the Tool+Generate Documentation XSLT Stylesheet Documentation you will receive for the XSL URL the path for the last xslt file open.
From what i've found you can select the right location only from the Editor window and by pressing the Generate Documentation Button.
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Re: XSLT StyleSheet Documentation Error

Mon Apr 25, 2016 6:11 pm


I'm not sure what is the reported error. Could you please clarify?
Tools > Generate Documentation > XSLT Stylesheet Documentation (Ctrl+Alt+X) is a global action, so it does not reflect the current editor (can also be invoked on non-XSL, or with no editor open at all). The combo list of XSL documents always has the latest XSL document at the top, so that's the one selected by default.
If you use the Generate Documentation toolbar button, that's in the context of the current editor, so that is the document being selected in the combo list.

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