Solved: Oxygen Menu Problems

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Solved: Oxygen Menu Problems

Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:32 pm

Putting this here for others who might have this problem.

Oxygen pull down menus were unclickable for me...they'd close before I could click on the item (loosing mouse focus I think is the term). The only workaround that worked was not to maximize the Oxygen window. I had to minimize it, then drag it to as large as I could, without it going to maximize. It was not a very good option because I lost screen real estate.

I tried new Java versions, and other tweaks to no avail. Some Googling revealed this was not an Oxygen problem--but something to do with the Linux Ubuntu/Mint desktop environment and the installed Java. Other softwares were experiencing the same. It had something to do with the X,Y window coordinates not resetting properly, I forget the details.

1. Minimize Oxygen so as to not be full frame.
2. Grab the bar and drag Oxygen to the upper-left corner and drop it there.
3. Go full frame, and you're fixed.

You might have to do this over again if you minimize on occasion.
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Re: Solved: Oxygen Menu Problems

Wed Nov 04, 2015 4:18 pm


We are aware of this problem with Oxygen v16.1 and older (Java SE 7 bundled) on some Linux distributions. See my post from this topic:
Fedora 20 menu behavior
Your found workaround is also proposed there.
Using OpenJDK ( 7 or 8 ) is a more permanent solution for those Linux distributions.

Starting with Oxygen v17.0 the installer bundles Java SE 8 which doesn't have this problem.

Adrian Buza
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