TOC issues

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TOC issues

Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:16 pm

We are testing the great new TOC and preparing to do a beta build of our new webhelp. We have noticed some inconsistent behavior withe the TOC - I wasn't sure if they are bugs, and if there might be a patch...
1) Clicking on the chevrons can get them out of sync. They will expand/collapse but then they display the opposite behavior, eg sideways chevron when expanded, pointing down when collapsed, though the rest of the untouched list will have the opposite (correct) way. I have screenshots from my tester I can send.
2) Clicking on a topic in the TOC closes other expanded folders and scrolls the TOC. I have short video clip of this from my tester to explain.
3) Sometimes clicking on the TOC opens and closes the folder, sometimes not. I have a screenshot from my tester.
Thanks for your help!
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Re: TOC issues

Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:50 pm

Also, clicking on some topics of the TOC loads them partly scrolled down. Not all of them, just some of them. Their content loads as if the user has scrolled. Have screenshot.

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