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Oxygen Feedback features a user-friendly administration interface where you can moderate comments, manage users, and configure various settings, notifications, and other components of the comment system. This administration interface is reached by logging in to your Feedback account in the administration login page (https://feedback.oxygenxml.com/login).
Tip: You can also reach the administration interface from the comments area in any web page where it is installed by logging in and selecting Home from the drop-down menu to the right of your name.

What is a Site?

In Oxygen Feedback, a site is a shorter name for a Site Configuration. A site configuration provides the means to moderate comments, manage users, configure the comment system, and install it in your website or WebHelp documentation.

Sites Page

When you log in to the administration interface, you start with the Sites page. This is where you can add site configurations and manage existing ones. Each site configuration is displayed as a tile. Each tile displays the logo, name, and description for the particular site configuration. Also, if the site configuration has the Comment Moderation option enabled, the number of pending comments are displayed if users have posted comments that have not yet been moderated. You can click anywhere in the center box of a tile to open the Comments page for that particular configuration. This page is used to moderate and manage comments. You can click the Settings button at the bottom-right corner of a tile to open the General Settings page for that particular configuration. This page is where you can edit the logo, name, or description of a site configuration and it includes some other options that can be set according to your needs.

When you create a site configuration, you are assigned a user role of Owner for that site and the tiles for that site will be displayed in the Sites page whenever you log in. If another person creates a site and gives you a user role of Admin or Moderator, the tiles for those sites will also be displayed for your account. The avatar for the site Owner is displayed at the top-right corner of each tile (you can hover over the avatar to see their name).

If you have a lot of site configurations, you can use the Search bar to filter the tiles. The filter component looks for the entered search terms in the name and description of the site configurations.

Figure 1. Sites Page
Tip: No matter what page you are on within the administration interface, clicking on the Oxygen Feedback logo at the top-left corner will navigate back to the main Sites page.