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Save Preferences

Oxygen XML Editor lets you control how files are saved. To configure the options for saving documents, open the Preferences dialog box (Options > Preferences) and go to Editor > Save.

The following options are available:
Show "Save as" option to save newly created documents in the "New" document wizard
It is selected by default, but if you deselect this option, the Save as option will not be available in the New Document wizard, so you will not have the ability to change the default name and path of the new file.
Safe save (only for local files)
In the unlikely event of a failure when attempting a Save action, this option provides increased protection from corruption of the original file. When this option is selected, it saves the content to a temporary file and if the save is unsuccessful, the editor preserves its unsaved state status.
Automatically save the document every
If selected, your documents are automatically saved after a preset time interval that is specified in the drop-down list.
On Save, make backup copy with extension (only for local files)
If selected, a backup copy is made when saving the edited document. This option is available only for local files (files that are stored on the local file system). The default backup file extension is .bak, but that can be changed in the text field.
Save auto-recover information every

If selected, your documents are automatically saved to a backup file after the time interval specified in the drop-down list.

Auto-recover file location
Specifies the location of the backup file for auto-recovery.
Validate document before saving
If selected, Oxygen XML Editor runs a validation that checks your document for errors before saving it.
Save all files before transformation or validation
Saves all opened files before validating or transforming an XML document. This ensures that any dependencies are resolved when modifying the XML document and its XML Schema.
Save all files before calling external tools
If selected, all files are saved before executing an external tool.
Automatically compile LESS to CSS when saving
If selected, when you save a LESS file it will automatically be compiled to CSS (deselected by default).
Important: If this option is selected, when you save a LESS file, the CSS file that has the same name as the LESS file is overwritten without warning. Make sure all your changes are made in the LESS file. Do not edit the CSS file directly, as your changes might be lost.
Performance section
Clear undo buffer on save
If selected, Oxygen XML Editor clears its undo buffer when you save a document. Thus, modifications made prior to saving the document cannot be undone. Select this option if you frequently encounter out of memory errors when editing large documents.