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Working with Archives

Oxygen XML Editor includes a useful Archive Browser view that offers the means to work with files directly from various types of archives (for example, opening and saving files directly in archives, or browsing and modifying archive structures). The archive support is available for all ZIP-type archives, including:

  • ZIP archives
  • EPUB books
  • JAR archives
  • Office Open XML (OOXML) files
  • Open Document Format (ODF) files
  • IDML files

You can transform, validate, and perform many other operations on files directly from an archive. For instance, you can transform, or validate files directly from OOXML or ODF packages, and the structure and content of the ZIP archives can be opened, edited, and saved, similar to any other ZIP archive browsing tool. Also, when browsing for a URL in various dialog boxes, you can use the Browse for archived file action to browse and select files from a particular archive.


For more information about working with an EPUB archive in Oxygen XML Editor, watch our video demonstration: